[quote author=”1 Timothy 3:13″]“Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus.”[/quote]


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General Principals & Organization

  • Deacons are angels standing before the Lord and should respect that while serving
  • Arrive before the Absolution of the Servant’s (Tahleel El Khoddam) to dress
  • Senior 2 deacons will stand in front left, others will stand on the front right side


If You’re Serving Inside the Altar, you must

  • Know how to correctly chant responses before saying them
  • Respond in the same language as Abouna
  • Only serve inside and not leave the altar to go outside throughout the liturgy
  • Arrive before the Procession of the Lamb
  • Serve inside only if you’re scheduled to, not randomly
  • Senior deacons will be main servants and then accompanied by younger ones
  • Responses will be evenly distributed



  • If you’re scheduled, you must come early and be prepared
  • If you don’t arrive on time and miss your scheduled service, you must wait until the next rotation to serve



  • Psalters (Singers) do not wear a red stole (badrasheen)
  • Readers (Anaghnostis) and Sub-Deacons wear the stole with a “cross” on the back




  • Communion line will be ordered by deacon rank and seniority
  • Senior 1 deacons will not stay outside to chant instead of having communion
  • Only those serving inside will have communion more than once


Communion hymns

  • Psalm 150 will be said completely and without rushing
  • After Psalm 150, the seasonal hymns will be chanted according to the Coptic Rite. Any “songs” (meda’eh) can be sung only after Traditional hymns are done.

Father Angelos & the Deacons of St. George

[1] Under special circumstances, there will be some exceptions to these rules, but not often. Please respect the house of the Lord and try to keep order.
[2] Seniority is based on (1) rank and (2) years of service in that rank.